Hey, I’m Roveena! I’m a journalist, published author, and all around creative. I love to write about lifestyle stories with perspectives from multicultural and underrepresented minorities. I’m a fan of sarcasm, home cooked meals, and seva (Sikh based community service)

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It’s ok to be lazy right now

Life has changed a lot in the last year. It’s ok to spend your day not doing the things you think you “should” be doing. After all, how long can you ignore your happiness?


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My latest book: Mirror Mania

Mirror Mania is a real-life inspired thriller on body image and personal identity. I wrote this book for primarily young women who feel overwhelmed with Instagram’s slim thick baddies while never truly feeling good enough for themselves. This book encompasses the way food can sometimes be a blessing and a curse in a world based off of rules to essentially starve yourself into loving yourself.


Mirror Mania

I write fictional, entertaining books that mention REAL and VALUABLE lessons. My books help contextualize all of the cultural pressures that us ladies have endured through. (Mirror Mania discusses body image in a Hunger Games type of feel!)

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Any story tips, collaboration ideas, or general guidance is welcome! I’m always ready to chat about whatever life epiphany you just had for the 3rd time this month and how you want me to write about it 😉