The Balance of Creation and Promotion

I learned a hard lesson this year.

Creation is far more important and sustainable than promotion, especially when you’re running low on content.

I really got caught up in promotion with figuring out what to post for my book, Instagram feed curation, trying to gain followers, and all that marketing stuff that probably matters, but not as much as I thought it did.

When I had creative energy and momentum, I denied myself. I forced myself to focus my attention on posting about my latest works and connecting with people I barely knew.

Of course, some of these marketing efforts were effective.

My balance was way out of whack, though. It got to the point where it had been MONTHS since I had last written a page of my book that I was so called “promoting,” and I longed to simply free write any stories or articles.

I’ve learned a lot in being obsessed with promoting myself, I’ve gained valuable connections, I’ve experimented with email marketing, and I honestly wouldn’t have been able to fundraise the $4,000 needed to publish 120 copies of my book without these so called promotion skills.

However, I’m getting tired. I could feel myself reaching this point, but I just thought I had to do more promoting.

Naturally, I was wrong.

I had the grand idea to just do what I truly wanted to do; to actually do what I had been promoting.

I started creating again. I started writing, building words, character profiles, and blog posts. I started dancing, making piano videos, and drawing new designs. I felt this much needed balance of being a creative entrepreneur flow back into my life.

That’s when I realized that I can reap the benefits and positive aspects of both creation and promotion. They compliment one another, and you can’t survive without the other. If you don’t create, you have nothing to promote. If you don’t promote, nobody will know what or why you’re creating.

That doesn’t mean I just promote every single thing I create. The primary reason why I love to create is because it’s for me; it’s my escape, my way to heal, my version of ultimate, pure expression.

Creation is my main priority because it’s always there for me. Promotion gets me out there and allows me to engage with new audiences, but creation is where my fulfillment comes from.

It was difficult to realize that this year because I was so focused on the outwardly results of my book selling well and people actually liking it. I thought promoting, receiving likes and praise in the form of mechanical comments would be more fulfilling than seeing my words splatter on the page.

But, that’s what we call learning the balance of creation and promotion. If I’m being honest, I’m still learning and I know I will be for a long time. The main difference is that I’m just better prepared and more excited than fearful.

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