How to buy a new outfit without money

It is very possible to still be fashionable while on a budget. In my recent attempt to save as much money as possible, I have discovered this great tip to make it seem like I have been buying completely new outfits.

My Example Outfit
Patterned shirt: 5 years old Plaid shirt: 4 years old Skirt: 3 years old Tights: 2 years old Booties: 8 months old

The secret is to use old clothes, especially t-shirts or pants you haven’t worn in a while, creating a whole new look that you’ve never worn before.

So, how do you pull this off without looking like you’ve been hoarding all of your clothes since the third grade?

1.Choose clothes that are still in relatively good condition

It’s important to wear clothes that are not tattered with fabric or strings falling out. It doesn’t matter how old the shirt or skirt is. As long as you can iron out the wrinkles or there aren’t any extra colors from coffee stains, then you’re good to go.

2. Add one or two articles that are somewhat new 

Sometimes an ensemble can benefit from adding both new and old articles. Pair a new jacket with slacks and heels you haven’t worn in a while. Mix and match with dated patterns and trendy ones to create a look that can be original and timeless.

3. Use general style guidelines

Observe which colors and materials go together, as you would with any other ensemble. Even though the old clothes might not necessarily be what’s in style right now, they can still be paired together in a way that seems trendy. Choose vibrant colors and apparent textures if you want that specific article to stand out; choose mellow tones if you want it to just compliment the outfit.

4. Cut, snip, adjust 

Sometimes, alters are necessary. If you have clothes that you have just worn too many times and you’re sick of their overall appearance, you can jazz it up by shortening the length, sewing on material patches and adjusting the way its worn. If the article is a tank top, try wearing it off sleeve. If it’s a pair of jeans that have been washed too many times, carefully cut them and sew a hemming to make a new pair of shorts.


And of course, it comes down to confidence. Though you might not have the money to  parade around in never-worn before Timbs and $300 jeans, it’s impressive to take what you already have and make it seem stylish. Be original and don’t be afraid to see what you can make out of old materials. It will save you a lot of time and money, while improving your own creative skills.

There you have it: how to buy a new outfit for virtually $0. Here are some tips to follow when you are trying to save, on a budget or simply just don’t feel like buying new clothes. When you’re feeling bored, just remember to think outside of the closet and see the unlimited possibilities of affordable fashion.