It’s time to throw away those peel off masks!

Who doesn’t want dewy, supple, and smooth skin that lasts all day and night?

That’s why it’s best to go out and buy all the products that promote “24/7 glow” or “ultra-moisturizing” or the recent craze that everyone seems to be after: peel off masks.

And I’m not talking expensive, luscious brands. I’m talking about the stuff that most people can actually afford in the drugstores: Freeman, Neutrogena, St. Ives, etc.

Yes, the so called holy grail of skincare brands in the drugstore. Yes, those ones.

Now, even I am a culprit of buying some of these products, especially after reading thousands of reviews and watching thousands of  “drugstore skincare challenge 2018!” videos from YouTube.

But, let’s take a deeper look into what are actually in these babies. For the purpose of this article not turning into one against marketing, we’ll just briefly examine the very popular brand Freeman.


This is the one I was gifted from a friend, and the cucumber does smell quite refreshing I do admit.

When I first got it, I was excited because peel off masks are just fun AND they’re going to make your face have that glow every  L’Oreal ad model has, right?

Not exactly…

First, I’ve always taken care of my face and skin for as long as I can remember; I have rarely used face masks that my mom has not made from scratch and I have avoided products with tons of chemicals.

So, when I applied this product, I expected somehow my face would improve more from using natural, traditional remedies. It left my skin feeling parched and just dull. I was thoroughly unimpressed.

I decided to look at the ingredients and see what was different after all between my mother’s skin concoctions and the cucumber mask.

This is what the ingredients included:

Water (Aqua)|Polyvinyl Alcohol|Alcohol Denat|Glycerin|Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract (Cucumber)|Propylene Glycol|PEG-40 Stearate|Butylene Glycol|Phenoxyethanol|Methylparaben|Fragrance (Parfum)|Green 3 (Cl 42053)|Yellow 5 (Cl 19140)

First off, what the heck is propylene glycol? Sounds like propane. That’s already a sign to me. And butylene glycol? What’s with this Glycol stuff? Don’t even get me started on the alcohols and artificial colors. How in the world would these things “clarify and renew skin” like the bottle so very promises?

It’s crazy stuff, people. I’m personally not a fan because it’s just way too harsh of a product. I prefer my mom’s stuff and I think my skin does as well. She’s so great that she made a dry version to take with me studying abroad in Canada here:



Besan (chickpea powder), turmeric, crushed rose pedals, orange peels

Turmeric has been scientifically proven to have many health benefits for the body in general. Most times, if there’s ingredients that you would actually ingest or make you internally feel good, then it’s safe to apply it externally as well.

And for some glowing skin vanity (or results I shall say)…


So, the ingredients in the Freeman product might be enough to scare some people away, but it might not be for others. Obviously, the occasional peel off mask that you receive as a gift or something cheap to do with your friends won’t dramatically affect your skin.

Ultimately, it’s about the health of the skin. It needs to be properly nourished, and I personally don’t think PEG-40 Stearate will do the trick. However, if you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution that’s pretty low on the effort side, try adding more natural products and your skin will thank you for it.

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