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I am extremely proud and excited to share my latest book Mirror Mania. This has been a crazy journey, but a story about body image told in a sci-fi, fantasy, and romantic way outweighs the tears and random stressful texts that I’ve frantically sent to family and friends in the process.

december 2020

You will love Mirror Mania if you enjoy a creative story that is applicable to real life. It is filled with references to pop culture, but also new inventions in a near futuristic world. Along with all of the sci-fi and body image talk, the story is frosted with love, deceit, humor, and friendship. The main characters are also from minority backgrounds too!


Tech buttons that are injected as soon as you are born and monitor all vitals, Greek-god like figures who are known as Influencers, and the all-knowing Facegram app that monitors all of society: this is Speculo City, a society that runs off of you hating yourself. Mirror Mania is where the magic happens, in which Influencers use their media expertise, not biology, to determine all of society’s body weights. You’re scrap if you’re below your lowest assigned weight, and you’re undesirable if you’re above your highest assigned weight in Speculo.

​Maybe, if Mirror Mania sees potential in you, they’ll ask you to donate yourself to extract your cartillage and fat that can be used for booty enhancement experiments. You’re not allowed in certain places, it is against the law to wear body flattering skinsuits or transformative bodyshorts. If you’re not perfect, why should you deserve the same privilleges as someone who works hard to maintain their perfect midpoint weight?

However, like most destructive lifestyles, there comes a time when change is necessary; it is inevitable, in fact. From the land of Sezolu, Ropashna comes from a background of aromatic foods and colourful dress. Ropashna, a fearless and independent girl, seeks to completely destroy Mirror Mania by deceiving the Influencers, as she becomes an undercover Influencer Intern. After spending her life being in the perfect midpoint weight, but then losing her closest friends and her self worth after reaching beyond her highest weight point, she has nothing else more to lose.But, her motivation is questioned with a charming, yet confused fellow named Deslin. From the land of Telotulu with vibrant music and cheery people, Deslin was a plump child filled with love from his Mother’s traditionally cooked meals, like handmade cassava rolls and sautéed poken. After moving to Speculo City, he was inevitably bullied, but right before going to university, his rock hard abs make an appearance for the first time.

Like Ropashna, he wants to intern at Mirror Mania, but does he want to destroy it? Maybe, he wants to change it? Influencer Jeenz comes in and she changes the story. She introduces Deslin to how much power he can have, but also reminds him of how destructive Mirror Mania’s promoting lifestyle choices can truly be. Ropashna’s fearlessness inspires him, but maybe her approach is too radical. Maybe, it’s not about changing the mirror, but how you choose to see the mirror instead.
Mirror Mania speaks to young adults and adults who want to grapple with insecurities on what they look like and struggling to define themselves in a new way.

Ultimately, I hope that Mirror Mania inspires reflection and fruitful dialogue, pressing into engaging questions like:

What does it really mean to be healthy?

How much does the media influence your sense of personal identity?

What do you let define you?

Some cool stats that I discovered while doing research/world building:


of American 17 year old girls are unhappy with their bodies


Americans are affected by eating disorders according to The National Institute of Mental Health.


of individuals with who have an eating disorder are men according to The National Association for Males with Eating Disorders